In family court, there are times when you must give legal notice to the other parties involved that you are filing paperwork in a court order involving them in some way.  Everyone has the legal right to be notified and that is where process servers come in. Court can always lead to uncomfortable confrontations and that is certainly so in family court.  Because of this, not just anyone can serve legal documents so a process server must be hired to serve paperwork on your behalf.  There are two types of family court cases in which process service must be enlisted.

1.  Divorce

In the event that you have decided to divorce your spouse, your spouse will need to bet served with divorce papers.  Regardless of the circumstances of your divorce, and even in the most amicable of situations, it is still the law that a disinterested third party be the ones to serve the paperwork.  Your attorneys can assist you in acquiring a process service company for this.

2.  Child Support Modifications

There are a few different circumstances in which a modification to child support agreement must occur. Whether a child’s parent has recently gained new employment or gotten a raise, or they have lost a job or suddenly find themselves unable to earn what they previously could, modifications may need to be made to your child support agreement.  While you may be legally justified in requesting a modification to child support, the other parent may disagree.  But, as in the case of divorce, regardless of circumstance, if you file legal paperwork you are required to provide notice via a process server to the other parent.