Any time you are involved in a legal case of any kind, you will probably have a lot of questions. Process service is one of those aspects of legal cases that is incredibly important but not many people think about it or are very familiar with the requirements and restrictions surrounding it. It is important to have a good understanding of process service to ensure your case goes smoothly and efficiently without being impacted by process service problems. Below, we look at 3 very common questions we get about process service.

3 Common Questions About Process Service in Arizona

1. Who Can Serve Legal Documents?
To legally serve papers to someone, you must not be involved in the case and must be what is known as a “disinterested third party.” This means that they will need to be served by a registered process server, the county sheriff, or the county constable.

2. What if Papers Can’t Be Served in Person?
If papers cannot be served in person because the defendant is being elusive, they can also be served via publication (such as a local newspaper ad) but this must be court-approved first. Additionally, a court may grant permission for alternative service by leaving the court papers with someone else such as someone the defendant lives with or their employer.

3. How Does the Court Know if the Defendant Has Been Served
Because process service is a legal requirement, the court must be notified when it has been completed in order for your case to proceed. When you hire a reputable process server (the best and most effective option), the service will notify you of successful service and provide you with an “Affidavit of Service” that you can supply to the court. Additionally, a good process service will send a copy of the affidavit to the court as well.

What are the qualities of good process servers?


The most experienced process servers in Phoenix Arizona can locate even the hard-to-find persons. They use their extensive knowledge to identify the residential and working location of a target and present the document themselves. Hence, clients can make sure that their documents are delivered as quickly as possible. This expertise further helps them to save money by trusting one professional for the entire process.


In addition to cellular phones and cars, reliable process servers are equipped with a wide range of technologies. It includes a dedicated system, global positioning technology, surveillance equipment. They also utilize easy-to-use documentation software for increased success. It further makes the delivery process more efficient.


The market is plagued by companies providing lowballing prices to take advantage of customers. They also show inflated gas mileage prices to further increase the bills. Therefore, ensure that a service is trustworthy with their fee structure. Transparency is key here to develop a positive long-term relationship. Moreover, get estimates from multiple providers before settling for the best-priced one.


All process servers should be insured for legal purposes. Trusting a professional without any insurance can lead to huge troubles in the future. Additionally, people could land themselves in legal complications. It is best to work with insured process servers and avoid any further troubles.


Similar to insurance, the license is another essential factor for choosing process servers. Ideally, it is a legal requirement to work with an accredited license. Unlicensed professionals can put everyone at risk. Most importantly, possessing a license demonstrates their credibility and commitment to the work.

Quick thinking

The process serves who can think and act fast can execute tasks in the shortest time possible. They follow an efficient method to notify the targets and deliver documents within the required timeframe. They will also keep their clients up-to-date with the current status of the delivery process. Quick thinking allows them to find solutions for impending problems.

Service policy

The prompt delivery of documents helps to build a reputation in the industry. Moreover, process servers get good reviews by providing quality services. There will be no behavioral issues or delays in their account. Hence, people should find work with process servers who are committed to quality service.


In addition to commitment, process servers should be experts in collecting information. Their knowledge about the target helps to reach them in an ideal manner. They will use the technologies to improve the efficiency of their process and reduce hassle. It is an essential quality to look for in professionals.