Being served with court papers can be a bit unnerving, especially if you don’t understand why you’re receiving them. While it’s a part of legal proceedings and helps to protect your right to due process under the law, you may still wonder what type of papers a process server might bring to you.

3 Types of Court Papers A Process Server May Bring You

There’s no need to panic if a server is trying to reach you. Here are three types of court papers they can deliver to you.

1. Lawsuit 

Before a person can bring a lawsuit against you, they must first have you served or presented with a notice to appear in court. This notice consists of court papers that a server will deliver to you. They are legal documents that include the name of the person suing you, the reason for the lawsuit and the place, date and time you need to appear in court.

2. Subpoena 

Another legal document a process server could deliver to you is a court-ordered subpoena. This is a notice that you must hand over documents or give your sworn testimony in court. It is mandatory and if you fail to comply, a warrant could be issued for your arrest.

3. Formal Complaint

If a person or business has a grievance against you, such as a landlord who wants to evict you, they can file a complaint and take you to court to start the eviction process. A server will then bring you a notice to appear in court so you can address the complaint and defend yourself.

A Process Server Can Help You

Receiving court papers from a process server is not something to fear. In fact, their service helps to protect your right to appear in court and defend yourself. Someday you may also need them to deliver a notice for you. If you’re in need of a server or have questions about what they do, contact us today and we can help you.