Do you need to serve legal papers to a spouse, business partner or another party? Have you considered hiring a professional service to make the delivery easier on you? There are at least five benefits to hiring a process server to deliver papers.

1. Expertise

Process servers need to understand local and federal laws to ensure that the delivery of legal documents is above board. If you attempt to serve papers on your own, without the preexisting legal knowledge, you risk damaging your claim. The expertise of process servers is a primary reason people trust them with essential deliveries.

2. Reliability

Court filings follow a strict timeline, and process servers are well aware of these stipulations when you hire them. As professionals, they make sure that notifications happen when they need to and often sooner than required, helping to relieve some of the stress that comes along with lawsuits.

3. Neutral Party

In many states, you cannot hand deliver papers to the person you are taking legal action against. However, most municipalities will allow you to use friends and family as long as they are at least 18 years of age. Using personal relationships, however, can put a strain on the connection. Therefore, most people use process servers because they are a neutral party.

4. Investigative Knowledge

Sometimes, the person who needs to be served the paperwork does not want to acknowledge the filing. They can make it difficult to serve papers by hiding and avoiding contact with friends and relatives. A process server understands the urge to hide, and most have acquired specific investigative skills to locate hard to find parties.

5. Professionalism

A process server makes their living by establishing a reputation on professionalism. You do not need to worry about judgment or bias when working with a professional. They are only there to do their job and deliver the necessary paperwork.

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