Process servers often have to get creative when trying to serve hard to find, or downright evasive individuals. Process service is a legal right and must be completed before legal proceedings can move forward. Many people will try to avoid being served thinking that it will delay or even avoid a legal case from proceeding but that is not the case. Even if you avoid being served in person, there are alternative methods of service that can be used, including being served via social media. Traditionally, one of the most common alternative methods of service has been putting an ad in a local newspaper or publication to notify the individual being served that there is a legal case proceeding in which they are a defendant. Utilizing social media as means by which to notify an individual for process service is effectively a modern version of public notice.

There are some legal cases that have set precedent for the use of things like email and now social media to be used for process service. It is important to note that efforts to serve papers through other methods must be used first and made in good faith before using social media. Social media tags the date and time at which messages are opened so if you complete process service this way, there will be a verifiable date and timestamp to prove that an individual did in fact receive service of process. Depending on the state in which you live, there are various requirements that must be met for a judge to honor process service via social media. Consult an experienced and reliable process server to learn how you can complete process service in a timely and court-approved manner.