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Child Custody Process Servers

Steps in Child Custody Process Serving

You’ve done your part in raising and providing for your kids. Unfortunately, the other parent has not; specifically, when it comes to child support. You may be left with little choice but to take your child’s mother or father to court to get the child support necessary to give your son or daughter a happy and healthy life. AZ Quick Serve wants to help you with child custody process serving.

Serving Papers

You know where the other parent lives and her or his daily schedule, making it easy for you to serve the papers yourself. The only issue with this is that because of your level of involvement in the case, you are not permitted to serve the papers yourself. The same applies to family members and friends aware of your problems collecting child support from the other parent. Only a third, disinterested party can legally serve papers.

Serving Requirements

Now that you know who can serve the papers, let’s talk about what specific papers you need to serve. With this particular legal case, you need a duplicate of any joint preliminary injunction on file and an official copy of the summons. Maybe you also have a custody case to go along with your child support case. If so, you need to serve the other parent with a duplicate of the complaint for custody or paternity.

Serving Timeline

As with most legal situations, time is of the essence. With child custody, you’ll likely have 120 days to serve documents after you officially file your complaint. That said, the court may allow you more time if the other parent has “gone to ground,” making it more difficult to find her or him. You need to make sure you petition the court to qualify for this option.

Allow AZ Quick Serve to legally and physically serve custody or child support documents. Our experience and legal knowledge are at your disposal. Let us know if you have any questions.