Process serving has a surprising number of myths associated with it. While some of these misconceptions are comical, others are more serious. If you’re fooled by these falsehoods, there may be unwanted legal consequences for you.

The Hollywood Process Server

Do you recognize these myths and exaggerations from the world of entertainment?

  • Process servers are masters of disguise. According to TV sitcoms and slapstick movies, process servers regularly rely on costumes and impersonation to get close to their target.
  • Process servers will go to extreme or illegal lengths to “catch” you. If they can’t get you to open the door, any good fictional process server will just climb in a window or sleep on your porch!

These silly Hollywood tropes are rarely needed or used in real life; as for trespassing or breaking and entering, they are of course illegal!

The Lazy or Sleazy Process Server

If you think process serving is a job any old fool could do, you’ve fallen for one of these lies about the profession.

  • Process serving is just handing someone an envelope. Think again. Because improperly serving court documents can impact a case’s outcome, process serving requires careful documentation and attention to detail. Some jurisdictions require process servers to have special training or certification.
  • Process servers are sneaky lowlifes who are out to get you. The process server actually helps protect your rights, ensuring you’re duly notified of court processes involving you. Good process servers are professionals who take their role seriously.

Ways to “Beat” the Process Server

Even intelligent people sometimes buy into these myths about evading process servers.

  • The server must put the papers in your hand. Depending on your state’s laws, there are multiple ways a process server can serve your court papers. In some jurisdictions, the process server gains more leeway in how they can accomplish the service the longer you dodge them.
  • If you keep avoiding the server, the lawsuit will go away. Since persistent avoidance of being served in person will only lead to the documents being delivered to you some other way, the case will eventually proceed. If you ignore the papers and don’t respond or appear in court, you risk a summary judgment against you.

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