When most people think of a process server, they envision what they have often seen on television or in the movies – someone having to be tricky with their tactics to “catch” an evasive person off-guard.  And, while it is often much more calm and straightforward than that, there are times when a person will intentionally try to evade being served.  Not to fear though, a good process server knows how to deal with evasive individuals to ensure your paperwork is legally served.

It is important to note first, though, that there are some things a process server cannot legally do to serve an individual with documents.  A process server cannot put things in a mailbox or meddle with someone’s mail at all. Process servers also cannot misrepresent themselves as law enforcement or anything other than what they are because it causes legal problems down the line for you.  Additionally, process servers cannot trespass.  So, you may be wondering – what can they do to serve an evasive individual?

A good process server is also an experienced and knowledgeable investigator.  Utilizing all tools to research an individual online is a great way to start finding an evasive individual.  Perhaps they have posted on their social media about where they are dining?  Perhaps the neighbors have a good idea of the general comings and goings of an individual and can offer some insight into behavior that could be helpful in finding an evasive individual.  Additionally, public records can be very useful in determining where an individual could be hiding from a process server.  Speak to your process server to learn more about their methods used to find an evasive individual before hiring because if it comes to that, you want someone experienced and effective.