While there are many reasons that people decide to divorce, there is one thing that is almost always true – interactions between the people divorcing tend to be tense, emotional, or downright explosive.  Because of this, you cannot legally serve divorce papers to your spouse, you must ask someone to serve them for you such as a family member or friend or you can use a process server. When divorce papers need to be served, it is best to do so through an experienced and reliable process server who can walk you through the legal process and keep things more simple for you.

A professional process server is already familiar with your area’s legal rules and regulations regarding the serving of divorce papers.  This is extremely beneficial because if the papers are not served correctly to meet legal regulations, they may not be valid.

Additionally, it is good to work with a process server because they can guide you in the more intricate details of the process such as helping you determine the best time in the process timing to serve paperwork.  Take the stress of serving your spouse divorce papers away and have peace of mind that you have done everything correctly by utilizing a process server to deliver your divorce papers to your spouse.