Evicting a tenant in a rental property that you own is never easy. There can be heightened emotions and anger which only serves to make the situation tenser. In order to legally evict a tenant, you must serve them with an eviction notice that states you will be terminating their lease and on what day that termination will occur. The best way to notify your tenant of an impending eviction is with a process server.

If you are terminating a lease in Arizona, there are various steps that must be taken in order for the eviction to be legal. Requirements vary depending on your reason for eviction but an example would be the following:

  • You are evicting your tenant because of non-payment, before an eviction can occur, you must provide your tenant 5 days notice with the opportunity to pay the amount that is due in full. If payment doesn’t occur, your eviction lawsuit can be filed on or after the 6th day.

Once you have notified your client of an eviction and they have not met the terms required, you are able to begin legal action. You will need to file your case in your respective county. To avoid hassle and potential confrontation, it is best to retain a reliable and effective eviction process server to serve notice to your tenant.