The process server is an important logistical component in the legal system. Serving as a kind of middleman between agents, they are crucial connectors. Without these folks, the wheels of justice might just freeze up.

What Is a Process Server?

A process server is a person that has been trained to find a person and deliver to them a notice of legal action that is being taken against them. Their essential objective is to ensure that the person in question has been knowingly served.

How Do You Hire a Process Server?

The best way to hire a process server is to research servers in your area, reach out to them and inquire about quotes and service options. The national average cost of retaining a process server is between $45 and $75. Be careful of hidden fees, such as mileage preparing affidavits or notary.

When you engage a process server, you will provide both the salient documents as well as information about the defendant. A good serving agency will take care of all of your document needs when you submit them as well as finding and serving the defendant.

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