If you are going to family court, even in the best and most amicable situations, legal notice but be given to all involved parties when you file paperwork. Everyone haw the legal right to be notified of a court case in which they are involved and, though being serviced papers can be stressful for people, it does not have to be.  When you use a process server, your legal documents can be served in a safe way that keeps you protected from an uncomfortable or angry confrontation. There are two types of family court cases in which process service must be enlisted to properly and legally notify all involved parties.

When you are pursuing a divorce, your case falls under the category of ‘family court.’ Your spouse will need to be served with divorce papers and that is not something one spouse can serve to the other. Your attorney or mediator can assist you in acquiring a process service company for this.

Additionally, you will need the assistance of process server if you wish to seek a modification to your child support agreement. Whether one spouse has started earning more money, gotten a new job, has been fired from a job, or is no longer able to earn the same amount, a child  support modification may be desired by one or both parties. The spouse pursuing the modification will need to notify the other spouse of the request so it is best to hire a reliable and effective process server to ensure your family court case goes smoothly.