There are numerous statutory requirements about how lawyers send certain types of legal notices. Process servers for lawyers help legal professionals comply with these fundamental laws about procedural due process.

Convey Important Information

After lawyers prepare a complaint, motion, or other legal documents on behalf of a client, they must file it with the appropriate court. Generally, filing must indicate that the opposing party received proper notice in order to be valid. Sending a notice with a process server can help them achieve this key objective.

Deliver Effective Notice

Rules about how parties must send notices to one another in legal proceedings vary by jurisdiction. They may also depend on the type of action being litigated. Process servers for lawyers are usually familiar with the applicable laws in their jurisdiction, so they can help lawyers use a method of service that is consistent with procedural rules.

Create a Presumption of Service

In most situations, an affidavit from a process server that he or she served notice creates a rebuttable presumption that notice was in fact served. Without establishing this presumption, a party would have the burden of using some other evidentiary means to prove actual service.

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