There are many scenarios in life where you may need to legally serve papers to another individual, such as when filing for divorce or carrying out an eviction. When serving legal papers it is necessary to follow the exact process required by the state in order to ensure that the papers are legally enforceable. If you need to serve legal notice, here is what you need to know about the process to protect your interests.


Before filing to serve papers you should ensure that you have legal standing for the process that you are serving. The specific requirements for serving legal notice vary by the type of papers you will be serving.


In order to serve the papers to the recipient, you must first formally file your paperwork. As with the requirements for confirming, the specific of what will be needed in order to file will vary based on the type of papers you wish to serve.


Once your paperwork has been filed it is time for the papers to be served to the recipient. Often this means confirming the identity of the individual receiving the papers and delivering them directly. Most commonly, this will be handled by a representative of the court or a representative of the individual filing the papers.

Because the process of serving papers can be confusing if you lack legal expertise, many people turn to the assistance of professional process servers to assist them. When you work with a professional process server you get assistance throughout the entire process in order to ensure that you are taking the right steps throughout. In addition to assisting with the physical act of serving papers to the individual in question, a professional process server can help you when filing to ensure that the correct procedures are undertaken and nothing is overlooked. If you need to serve papers, contact a process serving professional today.