process service disguise When most people think of a process server, they picture a dramatic scene they’ve seen in a TV show or movie. They picture someone dressed up in a costume or disguised in some way then dramatically handing a person paperwork and saying, “you’ve been served.” However, in reality, completing process service looks far different. In fact, in Arizona, the use of a disguise or ruse to complete service is strictly prohibited. Even if a person is evasive, it is vital that process service is completed in adherence with local regulations to protect your case and ensure there aren’t any delays or other issues down the road during proceedings. 

Above all else, process servers value discretion and professionalism which is why a reputable and experienced process server will avoid the use of any sort of disguise or ruse. In fact, high-quality process servers will dress in plain clothes and use unmarked vehicles, never attempting to hide who they are or what they are doing. No attempts to use a trick or lie to lure someone so that they can be served will be used. If contact is made with someone in an attempt to complete process service, they will be informed as to the nature of the call and the fact that the intent is to serve them with legal documents. 

Of course, there will always be some people that are evasive or try to avoid process service. But, the reality is, avoiding process service does not mean that legal proceedings won’t continue without them. If multiple attempts are made and someone continues to be evasive, a stakeout or scheduled delivery may be necessary. And, if those additional efforts do not work, there are alternative methods of service that can be used so that legal proceedings can move forward. As fun as it would be to put on an elaborate costume every day to get the job done, process servers should not ever use any type of disguise or ruse to complete process service.