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Process Service

Routine service*:
$80 - $135
+$30 (6 hours)
+$35 (5 hours)
+$45 (4 hours)
+$55 (3 hours)
+$65 (2 hours)
Stakeout/Wait time:
Additional Defendant:
$25 per
Certified Mailing Only:
Skip trace:
$45 per defendant

Court and Messenger Service

Special Route:
$2.40/mile ($24 Min)
After hours:
5pm: $50
6pm: $75
7pm: $100
8pm: $125
Daily Routine Route:
Routine court filing:
$20/ trip
Rush court filing:
$30 – 2 hrs
$50 – 1 hr
Once Daily Pickup and file:
Twice Daily Pickup and file:
Airport Pickup:
Wait Time:
Recording of Documents:
$20/trip + cost
Fee Advance:

All prices are flat rates based on zip code at one location.
No charge for mileage or notary.
Affidavit preparation and filing is included.
Rates cover 5 attempts in metro areas
3 attempts in rural areas
Attempts are made between 7am and 9pm
Additional Fees may apply for attempts requested before 7am and after 9pm
Early morning and late evening rates available.
*All attempts are completed within 14 days
**All attempts are completed within 7 days