process serviceRegardless of what the case is, attorneys play an essential l role in safeguarding an individual’s right to due process. The legal system is complex and attorneys must navigate that while representing their clients to the best of their ability. Attorneys cannot do everything so in order to fulfill their duty, they must rely on the assistance of dedicated process servers who ensure that all parties involved in a case receive proper legal notice. Private process service for attorneys allows attorneys to focus on their case with the peace of mind that the legal process is being carried out correctly.

Process servers have an essential responsibility and role in the legal process – to deliver necessary legal documents and provide sufficient notice to the involved parties. While it may not seem like a very significant role in a legal case, if documents are not served correctly, it can lead to severe consequences and may even jeopardize the outcome of a case.

When court proceedings are delayed because a person was not properly notified of their involvement in a legal case, a court cannot proceed with a ruling. As a result, the entire legal process is halted, and justice is delayed. Process service may not seem significant but if it is not handled correctly, it can significantly impact a case. This is why it is essential that attorneys partner with experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable professional process servers for their cases.

At Arizona Quick Serve, we understand the importance of delivering the best results while maintaining compliance with due process. Our team has over 20 years of experience and consists of trained and vetted process servers that attorneys can count on. Unlike many competitors, we offer transparent flat rates without any hidden fees for mileage, affidavit preparation, or notary services. 

We make it easy for attorneys to work with us so that they can remain focused on their cases. Just provide us with the necessary documents, specify the location and recipient, and complete payment online. From there, we take care of everything else. We generate and file the affidavit on your behalf. Once the documents have been successfully served, we provide our clients and the court with a notification. Additionally, we follow up with an “Affidavit of Service” to ensure that proper documentation is maintained. When it comes to completing process service, trust experienced process servers to get the job done quickly and correctly.