Though process service is not the most comfortable experience for anyone, it is not a process server’s goal to embarrass the individual being served. In an ideal world, the individual being served is easy to locate and discreetly serve legal paperwork. But, unfortunately, that is not always the case. When a person is hard to reach or is being intentionally evasive, they may think they are in a safe sanctuary at work where they cannot be served, but that is an incorrect assumption. In Arizona, process servers can legally serve legal papers at a person’s place of work.

Though process servers can legally serve papers at a person’s place of work, it is important to note that they have rules about how they can behave and do so. Unlike some portrayals in movies and television, process servers cannot harass people or use illegal means (trespassing, intimidation, etc.) to complete the task. Most of the time, if process service can be completed elsewhere, that is what a process server will choose. But, if they cannot locate or have been otherwise unsuccessful in serving papers outside of work, they may be left with no choice.

Process servers have no personal stake in embarrassing you and generally want to complete service as efficiently and discreetly as possible. Most process servers will either ask for you to come to your business lobby or to be directed to your office for a delivery or some other innocuous sounding reason so as to maximize discretion. Process servers have one goal – to successfully and efficiently complete process service so while they will generally try to avoid doing so, if they have no other option, they are able to legally serve you papers at your place of work.