No property manager wants to be faced with forcing the eviction of a tenant. No tenant wants to be evicted and it usually is not an easy or drama-free process. But, a lease is a legal contract and if the tenant is in violation of the lease, the property manager has every legal right to evict them. Though every lease contract is different, in Arizona, there are some basic tenant obligations that all tenants must abide by or be faced with being evicted, including:

  • Pay rent on time
  • Keep the residence clean and safe
  • Remove and dispose of trash
  • Keep all plumbing fixtures clean
  • Use electrical appliances, heating and air-conditioning systems and plumbing in a reasonable manner
  • Not damage the property or allow someone else to do so
  • Unless agreed otherwise, use the property only as a residence

When you need to evict a tenant, it is not ideal for you to do the job yourself. Because of the tense situation, it can lead to confrontation and even danger. For these reasons, it is important that property managers partner with reliable and trustworthy process servers to serve eviction notices legally and quickly so that the eviction process can begin. Don’t run the risk of having an eviction derailed or completely dismissed because of an error process service, choose a trustworthy and experienced process server who knows how to handle eviction notices.