Most people have seen cop shop dramas and procedurals where a process server does incredible things to track down a person to serve court papers. Unfortunately, these shows perpetuate some pretty ridiculous myths. Here are a few of the stranger ones.

They Dress in Disguise

No, process servers do not have a closet full of masterful disguises to sneak up on unsuspecting people. They normally dress in a uniform or plain clothes.

Serving People is Exciting or Dangerous

Nope, not exciting. The majority of the time, the person being served already knows what is coming. Sometimes people try to avoid a process server, but that is usually about it.

The Process Server Tries To Trick You

Usually, process service is fairly simple. In cases when it is not, the server follows safety procedures and can call for backup if necessary. Some of them even wear body cameras to make sure they have proof of service.

Your Court Case Will Magically Go Away

No again. Your court case will proceed despite you avoiding service. The courts have a system in place that deals with this problem quite effectively. You can avoid being served, but that does not change your obligation to appear.

If a process server is serving you, please understand that they are just doing their job. For more information about service, feel free to contact us at Arizona Quick Serve. We are happy to help.