Most people today use social media and post about what they are doing, where they are going, where they work, etc. without a second thought.  And, while that may be fine most of the time if you are not concerned about a possible security threat, many people do not realize it is a very useful tool for process servers.  Depending on what you post and how often you post, it could almost be like sending a message to a process server saying “Here I am, come serve me!”  Though this bad news for someone trying to evade process service, it is an incredibly useful tool for process servers that are using all tools available at their disposal.

Popular social media sites are an easy way to see the habits, interests, and general comings and goings of an individual.  Even if someone does not post frequently, social media can have helpful information about where they work, exercise, shop, dine, etc.  In addition to the individual’s accounts, the accounts of their friends may have more information about the individual that can be helpful in quickly locating them and successfully serving papers.

In addition to the obvious social media information on an individual’s profile, there are other tools. such as social listening tools, that can help.  A process server can set up an alert for any time someone is mentioned on social media.  That way the process server has the most current information to work with to correctly and legally serve important documents.