Many people don’t understand the difference it makes to have a process server who does their job according to best practices. The value of the process server’s role is to keep your case moving one step closer to resolution.

Staying on Track

When it comes to a court case, time truly is money. Your process server should be both flexible and dedicated enough to get your papers served as soon as possible. Inexperienced servers might not invest enough time and effort in getting the papers served, slowing your case. On the other hand, they might cut corners or “bend” rules to try and get the papers served as fast as possible. Improper serving can also lead to a delay in your case even when the court recognizes that you are not to blame.

Staying Out of Trouble

When you’re dealing with the law, doing things the right way is not optional. A qualified process server will not violate the laws and regulations about serving legal documents, thus protecting your case’s integrity. Process servers should provide confirmation that the papers were correctly served. This is important for two reasons:

  1. to confirm that the next steps in your case are ready to be taken
  2. to support the fact that you are not at fault if the papers turn out not to be properly served

When you need a professional process server, contact Arizona Quick Serve to ensure that your legal case’s papers are handled correctly.