evasive individual Serving someone legal papers is rarely a ‘fun’ occasion. But, it is made much more frustrating than it needs to be when someone is evasive and tries to actively avoid being served. The reality is, no matter how long they evade process service, they can’t completely avoid the legal process from unfolding forever. But, the longer they evade, the more delayed your legal case will be. It is never wise to try to stake out, surprise, or force process service on an individual yourself. The circumstances can become heated or downright dangerous. And, you have better things to do with your time. Rather, it is optimal to have a professional process server find and serve an evasive individual. 

What to Do When an Evasive Individual Aviods Process Service

Process servers have seen it all and know how to find even the most evasive people. In fact, process servers can legally stake out an individual or schedule service at a specific time and location (such as serving papers at the individual’s work, at a custody exchange, or at another meeting where the individual is not aware a process server will be there). There are various strategies that can be implemented so that you can avoid having to opt for using an “alternative method of service.”

The Pros and Cons of Alternative Methods of Process Service

If a person still manages to evade a process server’s best strategic efforts to complete process service, it doesn’t mean that they prevent the legal case from moving forward altogether. In the event that an evasive individual cannot be served within the given period of time allowed, alternative service methods can be used. There are various options but they include: mailing the legal paperwork, publishing a public notice in the local newspaper, serving a family member or friend, and other options. This method is not ideal because it is very important that the alternative method is carried out according to local law to avoid problems with your case. And, using an alternative method of service naturally causes delays in case proceedings. 

Leave Finding Evasive Individuals to Professional Process Servers

So, although alternative methods of process service are an option, it is ideal to find an evasive individual and serve them in person if possible. Ensure every aspect of your case is handled legally and in a timely manner. Work with an experienced and knowledgeable process server that has methods of finding evasive individuals and ensuring proper legal process service is completed.