process serverOnce you’ve decided to divorce, regardless of whether you are opting for mediation or court, you must file paperwork with your local court. Filing this paperwork and ensuring process service occurs is necessary because it is a legal requirement that your soon-to-be ex is notified and receives a copy of the divorce filing so that they can respond. Process service can be complicated and uncomfortable, but it doesn’t need to be. By working with an experienced and reliable professional process server, you can focus on your priorities and move forward with your life. 

The Legal and Emotional Advantages of Hiring a Professional Process Server for Your Divorce

For many reasons, it is not advisable nor is it permitted for you to personally serve your spouse with divorce papers. Even in the best of circumstances, it can be an emotionally charged situation. Although a family member or friend could serve the papers, for everyone’s well-being and to ensure the process is handled legally so that there are no delays in your divorce proceedings, a process server should be the person to serve your spouse with divorce papers. 

Dealing with an Evasive Spouse: How a Professional Can Help

There are times when a spouse may know that they are about to be served divorce paperwork and choose to make it difficult for the paperwork to be served. They may stop communicating with you, hide, or become otherwise evasive, to prevent or delay formal process service. This is a circumstance where a professional process server comes in very handy. They are experienced in dealing with evasive individuals and know how to find evasive individuals and legally execute process services to prevent frustrating delays. Divorce is hard and complicated enough, let an experienced process server act as the messenger and serve your spouse with divorce papers so you can have peace of mind that things are moving forward legally and as quickly as possible.