Process servers are trained professionals whose job is to serve legal documents to defendants named in court proceedings. The process serving aspect of the judicial system requires training and licensing for individuals who aim to fill the role. In this way, the court system provides defendants with fair notice so that they will have the opportunity to be ready to defend themselves in court.

How Does Process Serving Work?

The service of process must be accomplished and documented before court proceedings can occur. The primary document is a summons to appear in court and to answer a petition or complaint that has been lodged against them. If other salient documents must be given to the defendant, they must also be included in the serving.

Process servers sometimes serve more than one person at a time. If there is a complaint against more than one defendant, each must be served. If there is a complaint against a corporation, city, state or some other non-human entity, a process server must deliver the documents to an official representative of that entity or an agent acting on its behalf.

Process serving is a critical element in ensuring the inherent fairness of our court system. Contact us at Arizona Quick Serve to learn more about the role of the process server, get a free quote or to acquire our services today.