If you’ve ever received a summons to go to court, there’s a good chance that a process server gave it to you. While some may view them as merely a delivery service, their job is much more than that.

What Is a Process Server and What Do They Do?

A process server is a third-party individual who delivers court documents to someone to notify them that they are required to show up in court. Once a person has been served, the server completes an affidavit stating that the papers have been delivered and the affidavit is used as evidence in court.

What Kind of Papers Does a Process Server Deliver?

Servers deliver a variety of court documents on the behalf of businesses and individuals. These documents include complaints, writs, summons, and subpoenas. At Arizona Quick Serve, we provide these services and know what it takes to be a reliable and professional server.

Hire the Best Process Server for You

Servers play an important role in the legal process and help protect a person’s right to due process. When dealing with a legal situation, do some research before choosing a server and then hire the best one for you.

Are you looking for a process server to deliver some documents? If so, contact us at Arizona Quick Serve to find out how we can help.