Hiring a process server may not be something you do every day. But, when you need one, you want to hire a good and reliable process server. Finding the right process server will depend on your preferences but most importantly, on the questions, you ask before hiring. We know that most people may not know what questions to ask so below, we have compiled a list of informative and useful questions to ask to help you determine the right process server to hire.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Process Server

  • What level of experience do you have as a process server?
  • What qualifications and/or training do you have?
  • Do you have any recommendations, reviews, or referrals I can read?
  • What is your service success rate?
  • Do you operate outside of typical business hours?
  • Can you take specific time/day/location requests for process serving?
  • How many times will you attempt service before giving up?
  • How often will I be updated as to the status?
  • How long will it take to complete service of process?
  • What methods and tools do you use to locate people?
  • How much will it cost and what could increase fees?
  • How soon will I know once you have completed service of process?
  • Do you meet all local licensing requirements?
  • Will you file paperwork once service of process has been completed with the court on my behalf?