Whether divorce is a mutual decision between you and your spouse, you’ve told your spouse that you want a divorce, or they are unaware that you want a divorce, in order to proceed with the process, your spouse must first be served divorce papers. Divorce can be a challenging enough life change without also encountering problems with serving papers to your spouse that could even delay the process. Below, we take a closer look at some important things everyone should understand about what is involved with professional divorce process service.

Process Service Method of Delivery

When it comes to serving divorce paperwork, it cannot legally be completed by either spouse and must be executed by a third party. Though family or friends can legally serve divorce papers to your spouse, it is not advisable due to heightened tension and emotions in such situations. It can actually be dangerous and if performed incorrectly, could lead to delays in your divorce proceedings. The best way to ensure proper and safe process service delivery is to hire an experienced professional process server.

Process Servers Verify Details to Ensure There is a Successful and Legal Paper Trail

A professional process server will verify important details about your spouse’s identity and location as well as ensure you have the necessary court papers so that they can successfully complete process service. Your server will also ensure that process service is completed according to local legal guidelines so that you do not experience delays in your case. Essentially, they will act as the “messenger” of divorce proceedings to your spouse so that you or your friends and loved ones do not have to complete the task.