While law enforcement officers used to be the primary resource for serving legal notices, court summons records and subpoenas, process servers have become a more popular resource for these tasks so that law enforcement officers can focus on public safety. A process server can help you with many tasks.

Locating a Defendant

One of the tasks that process servers are beneficial for is locating a defendant. If you’re filing legal action but you’re not certain where the defendant is, either because they move a lot or have been staying hidden, process service can help.

Providing Proof of Service

In most states, proof of service is legally required when you file legal action against someone. You must provide the court with a copy of that proof of service, which you can obtain from process servers.

Following Legal Requirements

Depending on the state that you live in, there may be specific requirements for the way that legal documents must be served. For example, the defendant may have to be told that they have been served when the court documents are delivered. A process server will be familiar with your state’s regulations to ensure legal compliance.
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