Have you been told by the court that it is time to serve legal documents? Do you need help making that happen? Whether you are an attorney or a private citizen, when it comes to serving legal documents, you should hire a process server.

Why Should I Hire a Process Server?

Hiring a professional process server will ensure that your legal documents are delivered to the right people, right on time. Process-serving can be complicated, and a professional server understands all the laws that come into play. Additionally, a process server can help you track down “hard to find” individuals and people who attempt ploys to not be served. When you avoid the pitfalls of trying to deliver legal documents yourself and hire a professional instead, you will save time and money.

Will a Process Server Meet the Court Deadlines?

Once you have filed a complaint with the court, you will have a specified period of time to serve the summons or complaint to the defendant. If you are unable to serve the papers within the specified time frame, the complaint will be dismissed. You will have to start the entire process from the beginning and refile your complaint. No complaint can proceed until the court is satisfied that the defendant has received proper notice.

Hiring a registered process server can help ensure the defendant receives the court summons and complaint in a timely manner. Subsequent legal documents must also be responded to within a specified period of time. A professional process server can ensure subsequent legal documents are served in a timely manner as well.

Is Hiring a Process Server Expensive?

The cost of a process server will depend on many factors, including the amount of travel and the number of attempts successful delivery requires. But the peace of mind that hiring a professional can bring, not to mention the money you can save when things are handled properly the first time, makes hiring a process server worth every penny.