Small claims court is a place for people to have their civil cases heard.  It varies by jurisdiction but small claims generally cannot exceed a certain amount, does not involve a jury trial, and all decisions are final and binding so there are no appeals.  The types of claims can include money debts, personal injury, property damage, and contracts.  These types of cases can be very frustrating and tensions often run high so the sooner they are over, the better.  The best way to move the process along, notify parties involved in the case which is their legal right, and help give you the best case possible, it is important to hire a reliable process server for your small claims court case.

Process servers are extraordinarily helpful for serving papers involved in small claims court cases.  As experts in what is involved in these types of cases, high-quality process servers will work with you to create a legal checklist of what paperwork needs to be served and by when they need to be served.  Process servers can handle the trickiest of situations, including serving papers when all defendants live at the same residence.  While you could be tempted to have someone you know serve papers, it is problematic for many reasons including: it’s dangerous, they may not be able to find the person to serve, and most importantly, they may not fall also legal requirements when serving the papers and that could cause a major problem for your case.  Don’t risk your small claims case being damaged or delayed because of problems serving paperwork.  Hire professional small claims court process servers to best support your legal case.