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Can You Refuse To Accept Served Papers?

You’re being served legal documents. In the heat of the moment, you might feel confused, frustrated, or angry. You might even want to walk away. Is it legal, though, to do just that? Can someone reject being served papers? Read on for a quick overview of what might happen in three different scenarios in which…

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How to Serve Someone Legal Papers in Arizona

There are many scenarios in life where you may need to legally serve papers to another individual, such as when filing for divorce or carrying out an eviction. When serving legal papers it is necessary to follow the exact process required by the state in order to ensure that the papers are legally enforceable. If…

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Does a Landlord Need to Hand Over an Eviction Notice In-Person in Arizona?

While no landlord ever wants to have to evict a tenant, and would rather have every occupant remain in good standing, sometimes it is necessary to make the call to terminate a tenant’s residence. If you own property this comes with the need to provide notice of eviction to the tenant. While these documents need…

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5 Things You Need To Know About Serving Custody Papers

Child custody arrangements aren’t easy, especially when one parent isn’t as available as the other. When those situations arise, you may have no other option than to go to court, if only for your child’s sake. Here are a few things to remember when looking into serving child custody papers. 1. What Does “Serving Papers”…

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When and Where Are You Allowed to Serve Someone With Legal Papers?

Lawsuits aren’t fun for a plaintiff or a defendant, but things get even more stressful when you encounter difficulty delivering legal documents. You might be dealing with somebody who is intentionally dodging your efforts or perhaps you simply don’t know where to find them. Regardless of the cause of the problem, outsourcing this part of…

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How To Serve Divorce Papers

Divorce can be a difficult and painful process. After your divorce petition has been filed in court, it’s time to serve papers on your partner. Make it easier on yourself by understanding the correct way to serve divorce papers. Serving Divorce Papers You have different options for serving papers. Choose from the following: 1. First…

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